Girl Brilliantly Shuts Down Every Teacher, Classmate And Parent Who Ever Called Her Stupid

With the odds stacked against you and everyone bringing you down, giving up seems tempting. But not for Phoebe. This Australian has been going through a lot while chasing her academic dreams, and she refused to let them go, embracing every difficulty life threw at her.

“Unfortunately I was bullied relentlessly for years,” Phoebe writes. “I just try use it as motivation.” She was shamed for being “too stupid” and being diagnosed with Dyslexia (a reading disorder), Dyscalculia (a difficulty in understanding numbers), dysgraphia (a deficiency in the ability to write), and ADHD (problems paying attention) surely didn’t help either. “Sadly, due to the harassment at school, I was too nervous to ever put people on blast or stand up for myself.”

Today, however, she doesn’t have to. The results of her persistent hard work are speaking for themselves. But don’t take my word for it. Scroll down to read Phoebe’s inspiring story she wrote herself!

One Australian girl has decided to shut down her bullies with hard work and here’s how it turned out

Mandatory selfie with the diploma for the books

Celebrating Phoebe’s achievement, people were relating to her heartwarming story

10+ Celebrity Lookalikes That Prove Time Travel Exists

it’s a little known fact, but a fact nonetheless, that celebrities can travel through time. Don’t believe us? then check out this amazing photographic evidence compiled by Bored Panda to see for yourself. In it you’ll find some of your favorite (and not so favorite) well-known people time-hopping throughout different periods in history. From John Travolta pretending to be a man from the 1860s and Jay Z hanging out in Harlem in 1939, to Vladimir Putin pretending to be King Louis XII and Chuck Norris disguising himself as none other than Vincent van Gogh, this list serves to expose the truth about these apparently mortal people. Don’t forget to vote for the best!

This guy eats the “worlds most expensive breakfast” every morning!


Forget saving up for your next trip this year. If you want try something completely new, how about going for a high-priced, extravagant dinner or dessert? You don’t need to be an expert to appreciate delicious foods, you may just need to make sure your wallet is filled with cash, a lot of cash.

When it comes to creating rich and unique dishes, it seems that edible gold is the standard. We have found the most expensive foods in the world. It’s hard to say how delicious each plate is, or just how full one will be when finished eating; but if one can afford to pay $100 for a plate of pasta, ordering dessert may not be a concern.

#1. The $40 strip of bacon.

What do you get a bacon lover who has everything? How about a 23-karat, gold-dusted strip of bacon, covered in rich dark chocolate. Baconery offers this unusual treat at a mere $39.99 a strip. You know you won’t buy just one.

The $40 strip of bacon.


#2. $100 for a gold box of chocolate with a touch of fashion.

French pastry shop Ladurée joined forces with the luxury label Marni to create macaroons that fuse food with fashion. Every bite-sized morsel is created with high-end ingredients and to top it all off, each macaroon is covered with edible gold sheets.

$100 for a gold box of chocolate with a touch of fashion.

Steve Sampson

#3. The devilish $666 hamburger.

If you have a few hundred dollar bills in your wallet you don’t know what to do with, try 666 Burger’s priciest creation: the Douche burger. The patty is made of Kobe beef and covered in gold leaf. The burger also features Gruyere cheese, a special BBQ sauce, rock salt from the Himalayas, caviar, foie gras, lobster, and truffles.

It may be a major faux pas to ask for ketchup or pickles.

The devilish $666 hamburger.

Mackenzie Keegan

#4. This $1,000 bagel is not how your Yiddish grandmother made them.

In 2007, the regular bagel received a makeover. Chef Frank Tujague made this New York staple into a treat for the elite. The popular breakfast favorite features Alba white truffle cream cheese, goji-berry Riesling jelly, and speckled with gold leafs. Customers have to order it 24-hours in advance and it is only served for breakfast.

This $1,000 bagel is not how your Yiddish grandmother made them.

Jacob Silberberg/Reuters

#5. The five-pack, $1,000 cigars.

Granted, this isn’t a food item but Daniel Marshall’s creation may set back your grocery money. The 24-karat gold leaf-covered cigar is made with premium tobacco.


#6. A $1,010 cupcake-worthy creation.

There’s dessert and then there’s the mother of all desserts. Bloomsbury’s Boutique Cupcakes in Dubai offers customers the “Golden Phoenix,” a treat that will set you back $1,010. Among the ingredients used are; Uganda vanilla beans, edible gold dust, organic strawberries, and Amedei Porcelana chocolate. The final product is presented on a 24-karat cake stand and a gold spoon.

A $1,010 cupcake-worthy creation.

#7. The world’s most expensive chocolate bar retails for $1,600.

One of England’s favorite chocolate bar, the Wispa was discontinued in 2003. Chocolate lovers begged Cadbury to bring it back which the company agreed. The recipe was kept the same but to commemorate its return, a limited edition was sold exclusively in jewelry stores with the treat wrapped in gold-paper.

The world's most expensive chocolate bar retails for $1,600.

Sang Tan/AP Photo

#8. A raw dish costing $1,800.

This dinner option is so pricey, it has been recognized by Guinness as the most expensive sushi dish ever. Chef Angelito Araneta Jr. did not spare expenses with his plate which included; wild safron, rice, Norwegian pink salmon, foie gras, and crab. Araneta placed pearls and diamonds on top of the sushi which is wrapped in gold paper.

A raw dish costing $1,800.

#9. The golden tea treat.

Tea lovers willing to try every flavour available may pause with this brew. The Singapore company, TWG, has released Yellow Gold Tea Buds with the tea buds painted in 24-karat gold. The taste is said to be a mixture of floral and metallic which will set drinkers back by $3,000 for 100 grams.

#10. The debt and cavity inducing dessert.

This New York confection from the famous Serendipity 3 restaurant won’t just leave you with extra calories. The 3 Frrrozen Haute Chocolate is made from 28 high-end chocolates from South America and Africa. The drink is topped with 23-karat gold shavings and truffle flown from France. The $25,000 drink is served on a crystal goblet lined in gold, an 18-karat gold and white bracelet wrapped around the stem, and a gold spoon.

The debt and cavity inducing dessert.

Chip East/Reuters

#11. Drinking gold like the gods.

Wine is already a delicious, rich drink. Grande Cuvee is a Californian winery producing the fermented beverage mixed with gold leafs and 24-karat gold flakes. The sparkling wine bottle retails for an affordable $31.

#12. The most expensive cup of java.

Most people wont blink an eye when paying $5 or $6 for a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates serves a steaming cappuccino topped with gold flakes for only $25. You might have to borrow money for lunch.

#13. The best form of flattery is imitation.

For those wanting to serve caviar at their next dinner party can do it without the actual cured fish-eggs. Made with white wine, sugar, lemon, and 24-karat gold leaf, this edible imitation caviar is still a costly $200 jar.

#14. Pizza so expensive there might not be enough to tip the delivery guy.

Chef Domenico Crolla from Glasgow, Scotland made a pizza worthy of James Bond. His creation “Pizza Royale 007” is the most expensive Italian pie. The $4,200 concoction comes with toppings like champagne-soaked caviar, smoked salmon, and lobster marinated in Cognac. The final topping is 24-karat gold flakes.

#15. Upscale dessert delight.

Doughnuts might not be considered refined food. Nevertheless, when made with purple yam, Cristal Champagne jelly, and coated in 24-karat gold dust and flakes you may see this $100 dessert differently.

Couple Caught Doing It In Dominos May Be Jailed

Video footage of a couple having sex in a pizza delivery shop as staff worked on the other side of the counter has been shown to a court.

The CCTV footage of Daniella Hirst and Craig Smith was shown at Scarborough Magistrates Court, where the pair faced charges of outraging public decency.

Hirst, 29, pleaded guilty to the offence on Thursday and Smith, 31, was found guilty in his absence after a trial lasting barely 30 minutes.

The evidence in the trial consisted almost exclusively of the 18-minute long footage which showed the pair entering Domino’s Pizza in Castle Road, in the resort.

It showed them ordering food and messing around with a yellow cleaning cone, before Hirst performs oral sex on Smith.

After this, the couple have sex leaning on the counter close to the till.

Staff can be seen working in the kitchen as the couple continue their antics and delivery staff come and go during the footage.

Hirst, of Gypsey Road, Bridlington, sat at the back of the court with her hands over her eyes as the more explicit parts of the footage was shown.

Smith, of Field Road, Bridlington, was not in court. The magistrates were told he was in prison relating to other matters.

A Chelsea estate agent is selling his Porsche for £20 — but there’s a catch

estate agent raffling porscheInstagram @edbezzant

Chelsea estate agent Ed Bezzant — called @edbezzant on Instagram — leads a pretty extravagant life.

The close friend of Made in Chelsea star Sam Thompson lives in London, and shares photos of his expensive cars, clothes, and watches as well as snaps of extravagant travels and parties.

Now, it seems Bezzant has found what could be a genius way of making some extra cash.

According to an Instagram post, he is raffling off 2,500 tickets for £20 each for a chance to win his Porsche Cayman.

While this might seem like a steal — and good odds — for an expensive car, if he sells all of the tickets he will make £50,000 — more than the recommended retail price of a brand new 718 Cayman (£42,897.00), the latest edition of the car.

The Instagram post states: “Selling my Porsche for £20 – I am selling 2500 raffle tickets via DM the raffle will take place once all 2500 are sold and I will put every single entry in to an instagram live draw – this is 100% genuine and someone will be signed over the papers to the car if they are picked you can buy as many entry’s as you like all will be confirmed Via email as well as how to pay. Let the game begin.”

Bezzant told Business Insider that the contest is “partially to buy a new car but main reason being I have a wedding to pay for next year and got to give her a day to remember.”

Bezzant had originally announced his plans to sell the car in July, calling it a “little beauty of a Porsche” in an Instagram post. “It’s been an emotional 2 years,” he added.

Bezzant frequently posts pictures of the Porsche, either of its various locations…

…Or of its many uses.

Even his dog appears to be a fan.

If this Instagram post is to be believed — captioned “All packed up for our trip in current car whilst parked behind my next car ..coming soon” — he’s got his eyes set on a Porsche Carrera as his next car. Once he sells a few raffle tickets, that is.

High School kids suspected of trashing Northland kura

Five children, all under the age of 14, have been reported to police by their families over widespread damage to a Māori language immersion school in Kaikohe.

Three classrooms at Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Kaikohe were vandalised yesterday evening, with windows broken, paint smeared everywhere and graffiti on the walls.

Police said several family members of the young people suspected to be responsible had contacted them and were helping them with their inquiries.

The families had offered to help clean up the damage.

“It’s pleasing to police that [the] families of these young offenders are holding them to account and making them take responsibility for their actions,” Senior Sergeant Brian Swann said.

“These senseless and destructive acts are devastating to small communities and we praise the families who are trying to do the right thing,” Mr Swann said.

All five children will be referred to Youth Aid.

Paint throw at a wall at Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Kaikohe.A vandalised classroom at Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Kaikohe: Locals and police believe a group of young people are responsible.

Community angry at ‘senseless’ attack

Earlier, the kura’s chairperson, Quinton Hita, said local whānau had told the school that a group of children, some of whom were believed to be as young as 10 years old, were to blame.

Trashed classroom at Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Kaikohe School equipment and furniture was thrown about and paint smeared on floors and walls at Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Kaikohe.

While the community was angry at the “senseless and random” attack, he said, support and help would be given to any children found responsible.

“Our understanding is that the kids are not from our school.

“Aroha to the school but also aroha to children that find themselves in that situation.

“Kids in this town are often bored. I don’t think there’s enough investment in infrastructure in our town, on top of all the other social issues that comes from high unemployment.”

He said offers of help to clean up the rooms had been pouring in, and he was certain that the community would be able to move forward.

Canada’s Economy Is Booming. So Why Is Everyone So Worried?

“It’s time to drop any negativity around the Canadian economy,” Bank of Montreal economist Benjamin Reitzes declared in a client note Friday.

Elated by new numbers showing Canada had added a stellar 77,000 full-time jobs in May, Reitzes argued that even though “doubters remain … the data are all but overwhelming at this point.”

Canada’s economy has grown at a 3.5-per-cent pace over the past three quarters, a rate generally not seen since the good old days before the Great Recession of 2008-09. Quebec just recorded its lowest unemployment rate on record. Nationwide, there are 1.8 per cent more jobs today than a year ago, well above population growth.

The Toronto and Vancouver housing markets have been on fire in recent times, but many experts fear excessive debt will burn the economy.

So why are so many experts — from the Bank of Canada to the OECD to private economists — sounding so concerned about the risks in Canada’s economy today?

Simply put, it’s because they’re worried that the growth is coming from the wrong place. Rather than coming from business investment across various sectors of the economy, strength is concentrated in the housing market — which appears to have peaked.

That means Canada’s economy is increasingly dependent on households taking on more debt — even though Canadians’ debt loads are already the highest among G7 economies. And if those debt loads grow too far, these housing markets that are on fire today … could simply burn down.

Economic growth has been concentrated in housing-related industries in recent months. Some experts worry Canada has put too many eggs in one economic basket.

“The incoming data over the past several weeks provides further evidence that the housing market is on the verge of a potentially severe downturn,” Capital Economics’ senior Canada economist, David Madani, wrote in a client note Friday.

“The uptick in Vancouver home sales is nothing more than a head fake, while the worsening sales slump in Toronto’s much larger housing market points to a correction in prices.”

Indeed, on a month-to-month basis, home prices did slide in Toronto in May, the first full month that Ontario’s new housing rules were in place. The average selling price for all housing types fell by $57,000 from April to May, to $863,910. But experts are quick to point out that one month of data doesn’t make a trend.

‘Fire sales’ in Toronto’s housing market?

While the Bank of Canada sounded a more optimistic note in its latest Financial System Review last week, suggesting only a slim chance of a major housing correction, the almost obsessive focus on household debt and house prices in the report clearly signalled the bank is worried.

Even though the economy is being held up by “strong fundamentals … these fundamentals cannot readily explain the pace of the price increases seen in the GTA over the past 18 months,” the bank said.

It hinted clearly that speculation is driving up house prices in Greater Toronto.

“When expectations reverse and prices recede, investors may quickly sell their assets, possibly leading to fire sales with adverse consequences for the rest of the market.”

Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz holds a press conference at the National Press Theatre in Ottawa on June 8, 2017.

While the bank sees only a “moderate” chance of a housing correction, the bank’s governor, Stephen Poloz, used even stronger language last week, saying “anything” could bring down the housing market at this point.

“The longer [speculation] goes, the bigger it gets, the more you start to be concerned that not necessarily a global recession, but just about anything could be responsible for causing a correction in housing,” Poloz told reporters in a press conference.

Sisters apart for 40 years reunited by working in the same US hospital!

Two orphaned sisters separated decades ago in South Korea have been reunited after being hired at the same hospital in Florida.

The women, now both in their 40s, were stunned to learn that they were related, having not seen each other since the early 1970s.

Both women had suffered tragic losses and spent time at orphanages in South Korea before being adopted by American families.

As a very young child, Eun-Sook now known as Meagan Hughes had been taken from her alcoholic father by her mother. But the woman left Hughes half sister, Pok-nam Shin, known as Holly Hoyle OBrien, who was two years older, in the care of the father.

When the father died, OBrien, then aged five, ended up in an orphanage in Pusan, 200 miles (335km) south of the capital, Seoul. In 1978, aged nine, she was adopted by an American couple who gave her the new name and took her to be part of their family in the state of Virginia.

Adopted out of a Korean orphanage as children, sisters Meagan Hughes, left, and Holly Hoyle O’Brien found each other again while working on the same floor at Doctors Hospital of Sarasota. STAFF PHOTO / DAN WAGNER

Hero reunites with little girl he saved from drowning on her birthday

Four-year-old Davie’onna shared a hug and a smile with the heroic bystander who, just hours before, helped save her life on her birthday.

Off-duty sheriff’s deputy Jeff Haire, 44, was having fun with family at a local pool in Panama City Beach, Florida, when he found himself trying to save the life of a nearly drowned girl.

The grim scene unfolded on May 28 during Memorial Day weekend at Frank Brown Park when Haire noticed a man carrying what looked like a “lifeless” child out of the water.

It was Davie’onna, who was celebrating her 4th birthday at the pool with her mom and friends.

Immediately, Haire and the man lay her on the pool deck and began looking for a pulse. Looking at her, Haire, who is a corporal with the Bay County Sheriff’s Office and 20-year police veteran, knew the situation was serious.

“I had investigated several drownings before in my career and the ones that didn’t make it always had that foam around their nose and mouth area,” Haire told TODAY. “When I saw that on her, I just thought the worst.”

Unable to find a pulse, Haire immediately began administering CPR on the girl. Finally, after multiple rounds of CPR, he felt a heartbeat.

“I felt her heart rate go from literally 0 to about 100 — just like that,” Haire said.

Carrying the girl in his arms, Haire ran over to an arriving ambulance, and Davie’onna was rushed to a nearby hospital with her mother, Kiara Greene, 27, by her side.

Luckily, no brain damage was found, something Haire and Greene couldn’t believe.

“It was a miracle,” Kiara Greene told TODAY. “That’s why I call Jeff her guardian angel.”